Managers Information

Flex Team Pool Partnership Agreement

The DPS Flex Team was created to provide qualified, trained Phlebotomists to approved locations for unplanned and planned absences and vacancies. Requests are reviewed immediately and will all requests will receive follow up within 24 hours. For immediate coverage, please contact Shannon Divers at 832-22-5182 or Jennifer Dean at 832-512-7552

Online Time Entry System 

DPS Flex Team employees will enter time worked through DPS WebCenter. All other time management issues will be reported to DPS and the Department Manager including vacation requests, call offs, and late calls. 

Clearance & Staff Training 

DPS Flex Team employees will be cleared and trained in accordance with client partnership agreement. Employees will have knowledge, understanding and application of best practices, proficiency in the use of implemented software programs, workflows and policies at the system level. Requesting department should provide general orientation to department, training on workflows and best practices for the department and training on any additional software.

DPS Flex Team - Internal Staff 

  • Shannon Divers - Project Manager

  • Sharon Clisham - On-Call Staffing Coordinator

  • DeAndre Hicks- Director of Operations

  • Gerald Stevens - Payroll & Billing, Finance Manager

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